Carroll Avenue is a street situated in Los Angeles, near Echo Park. It is in Angelino Heights, one of the older neighborhoods of Los Angeles. It consists of Victorian-era houses, some of which are used for popular movies and television shows, as they have a quality that brings uniqueness to the screen. One of these residences served as the house used for the TV show Charmed, used in the show as a San Francisco Victorian residence, and because of the picturesque nature of the neighborhood, it has served as the backdrop for countless motion pictures from the earliest days of cinema to the present. An example of another television show is Journeyman, and that neighborhood was also used in Michael Jackson's Thriller music video.


Carroll Avenue is one of Los Angeles' first suburbs, and bears its name well, as it brings the city many tourists and visitors. The houses or rather Victorian manors, are now used as private homes, as they were in the 1800s.

Then and nowEdit

Back in the 1800s, the houses were private homes to the higher class people, such as old City Councilman Daniel Innes. Daniel Innes' house was used for Charmed. The street was first used for Charmed in 1998 when an episode was filmed in one of the houses on the street. After that episode, they just used the house for exterior rather than interior. Other people that lived there in the Victorian era include merchant Aaron P. Philips, in 1887, real estate agent Charles C. Haskin, 1894, and warehouse operator Michael Sanders, 1887. As you can see, it is not a shy neighbourhood for the famous. The house next door to this is used in the television series Journeyman, which, like Charmed, is set in San Francisco.