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Goran Visnjic is a Croatian-American actor from Shibenik, mostly famous for acting in Brittish and American TV series.

In Short[]

This is the most famous Croatian in the United States. His name is Goran Visnjic, and you might recognize him from the newest TV series "Timeless", where he plays the main antagonist Garcia Flynn. Goran was born in Croatia, but currently has dual citizenship, living in USA. The second is true due to the fact that he has spent almost his entire professional career in the US, acting mainly in TV series. His most recognizable role is Dr. Kovac, the famous character from the hit series E.R. Goran is a talented actor with a very wide portfolio, capable of speaking fluent in several languages, being a black belt in karate, knows fencing etc. Currently, Goran lives in Los Angeles, with his wife and 3 children. He often travels back to Croatia, as a representative of PeTA and IFAW.



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