Los Angeles
Granada Hills
Crime rate Medium-high
Gang territory None
School-district Los Angeles Unified School District
Founded 1927
Police Department LAPD Devonshire Division
Zip code 91344

Granada Hills is a district of Los Angeles located in the far-northwestern section of the San Fernando Valley, and is squeezed in north of Northridge and North Hills.


An oil well was drilled at the tip of what is now Zelzah and Chatsworth (the hole is still visible today), and was founded in 1927 as "Granada," but the "Hills" was added fifteen years later. It was first an orange grove field filled with nuts, vegetables, and other crops, and today, some orange trees can still be seen in the district.

Sylmar fire[]

The Sylmar fire in 2009 had an evacuation range as far as the intersection of Tribune St. and White Oak Ave. that forced many people to evacuate due to the fact that there was a heavy amount of smoke and wind pushing it into the district. Even though the fire never spread into there, it worried some residents.

Graffiti issue[]

In Granada Hills, the district is constantly tagged by gangs, but most residents seem to call in to remove the graffiti. On rare occasions, a whole street will be tagged. White Oak Ave. and Chatsworth St. are frequent targets.

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