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Template:Infobox company Rentech, Inc. (stands for Renewable Energy Technology[1]) is a Los Angeles, California, based United States company that owns and operates wood fiber processing and nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing businesses. It provides wood chipping and wood pellet services through a subsidiary Fulghum Fibres, Inc. and sells nitrogen fertilizer through Rentech Nitrogen Partners, L.P. In addition, Rentech owns the intellectual property (including patents, pilot and demonstration data, and engineering designs) for a number of energy technologies, such as Rentech–SilvaGas Gasification Process and Fischer–Tropsch process based Rentech Process.[1]

Energy technologies[]

Rentech was initially formed in 1981 by Charles Benham and Mark Bohn to develop and commercialize certain alternative energy technologies.[2] In 1991, it incensed its Rentech Process to the Fuel Resources Development Company (Fuelco) to produce diesel fuel from landfill gas at the Synhytech facility in Pueblo, Colorado.[3] Rentech obtained ownership of the facility in 1993. This project failed and was closed at the same year due to lower than expected gas volumes.[4] In 2000, Rentech acquired a methanol plant at Commerce City, Colorado, which was converted to a gas-to-liquids plant.[5][6] In 2009, it unveiled plan for construction of a synthetic fuels plant in Rialto, California, and together with ASIG it agreed with 13 airlines to provide synthetic diesel for ground services at Los Angeles International Airport.[7][8] In 2010 it made a memorandum of understanding with 14 airlines pto provide alternative jet fuel and diesel fuel from its planned biofuels production complex project in Natchez, Mississippi.[8] In 2011, Rentech agreed with the Government of Ontario to build a plant in White River, Ontario. to convert 1.3 million tons of provincial forests into jet fuel and naphtha.[9][10] At the same year it purchased the 55 MW biomass integrated gasification combined cycle power plant project in Port St. Joe, Florida.[11] This project was halted 2012.[12] In 2013, Rentech changed its focus from biofuels to wood pellets production.[13] It closed its product demonstration unit in Commerce City which was developing technology for conversion of cellulosic biomass into synthetic gas.[14][15] It also cancelled its biofuels production complex project in Natchez.[13][15]

Wood processing[]

In May 2013 Rentech acquired Georgia-based Fulghum Fibres, Inc.[13][16][17] As part of the acquisition of Fulghum Fibres, Rentech entered into a joint venture with Graanul Invest.[17] In 2013, it also acquired wood processing facilities in Atikokan and Wawa, Ontario, which it converting into of pellet factories.[13]

Nitrogen fertilizers[]

Rentech entered into the nitrogen fertilizer business in 2006 when it acquired from Agrium an ammonia nitrogen fertilizer facility located in East Dubuque, Illinois.[2] In 2011, Rentech consolidated its nitrogen fertilizer business into subsidiary company Rentech Nitrogen Partners. At the same year Rentech Nitrogen was listed at the New York Stock Exchange.[18] In 2012, Rentech acquired Agrifos LLC, which owns a synthetic granulated ammonium sulfate fertilizer plant in Pasadena, Texas.[19]


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